A1 QuickDraw Double Rigs

Circle KB offers the best in Spaghetti Western and Hollywood Holsters and Gun Belts. Featured above is the A1 Quickdraw Crossdraw with Santa Fe style border tooling, Buckaroo Silver Berry Conchos and finished out to a nice rich hand dyed black. Every gun rig is built by hand by Maker Brett Park. Total custom gunleather and a measure of the very finest available.

Circle KB A1 QuickDraws Fast- Action- Value

The A1 rigs are classic gunfighter styles just like in the Hollywood western movies! Circle KB A1 QuickDraw holsters are traditional A1 Holsters and Buscadero Gunfighter style belts that gained popularity in the early Hollywood B Western movies and are just as popular today over 75 years later.

The hand cut contoured Buscadero gun belt drops the holster on the hip and outer thigh with the grip easily drawn for a smooth, fast draw. Throats are wet molded and dried to create a funnel effect to allow for speedy re-holstering and no hitches catching on the cylinder. All fully lined A1 QuickDraws come with a metal reinforcement which is glued in between the lining and the top side leather.

Eventhough our high quality leather is enough to provide the durability and stand up required out of our holsters the metal reinforcement has been part of our pattern for over 40 years and provides incomparable stand-up for years of heavy use. Available in hard to fit sizes, left or right hand draw, dualist and crossdraw. Comes standard with 20 hand laced cartridge loops and the Old West California Clipped Corner Belt Buckle. Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed Read our Guarantee

The A1 is a classic and traditional holster design and is one of our top sellers for Hollywood, Cowboy Action Shooters, Stage and Movie Cowboys, Working Cowboys and Hunters.

  • Hand cut from top-grade vegetable tanned cow hide.
  • Fully lined with soft lining leather, special metal reinforcement at thecylinder area
  • Meticulously handcrafted with the finest leather available and expert craftsmanship
  • Beautifully hand cut and finished
  • "Buscadero Style" cowboy gun  belts are  2.75"  wide for comfort and weight distribution of the six-gun.
  • Hand Cut contoured to drop nicely at the hip
  • Special leather backed reinforcement at the drop hip slot
  • A1 Buscadero style contoured gun belt
  • Hand laced wet and dry molded cartridge loops
  • Hammer Thongs & Thigh Ties
  • May be ordered in single left or right hand draw, crossdraw or dualist configurations
  • Add decorative conchos, hand tooling or dyed black or mahogany to any outfit to truly personalize your outfit.