Conchos and Buckles


Are you making your own western horse tack, belt or spur straps? Do you want to add conchos to a belt you already own? Its easy!

  1. Punch the holes in the material where you want your conchos.
  2. Put the concho post though the opening.
  3. Secure it with the Chicago screw (included).

You can use conchos to decorate lots of different things. Use them on leather belts, cowboy chaps, hatbands, purses, check books, saddles, bridles, cowboy hats, wood picture frames and other crafts. We have also seen them used on Rodeo Queen shirts by custom shirt makers.

Historically, Conchos were handmade decorative hardware used on horse tack and cowboy gear, made out silver coins and Sterling Silver.

The most common attachment style is the Chicago Screwback. Screwback Conchos have a small threaded post in the center back. We also have Woodscrew Conchos, Slotted Conchos and Adapters to make almost any screwback concho into awood screw,slide orcabinet pull. .