Gunbelt Sizing

At Circle KB we ask for a measurement to properly fit your gun belt. For Gun Belt sizes please measure around yourself fully dressed (chaps? overalls?) around your backside typically below your trouser pant belt loops. Provide the inches at which you will buckle at the middle hole of your gun belt. This is an important measurement and is different than your normal pant size or waist size. It is not unusual for your gun belt measurement to be 4-6 inches larger than your regular blue jean size or waist depending on your gender, confirmation and build.

Take a soft tape measure around yourself over your typical shooting attire, (ie jeans?, chaps?, winter gear?, hunting gear?). Most people wear their gun belts at the high hip area with the top of the belt resting near where the bottom of the belt loops are on your blue jeans. This measurement will be your "Gun Belt Size" and the measurement we use to make a properly fitted gun belt.

Remember you will be buckling your gun belt below your normal pant waist, wearing clothing, chaps or winter gear so please take this into consideration when providing your gun belt size measurement. We provide 8 holes spaced one inch apart in the billet providing a 2-3 inch adjustment out and in from center to accommodate different clothing and weight gain or loss.

Circle KB custom, hand-made one at a time gunleather is built especially for you and your guns. We are not able to take returns for inaccurate sizes or wrong gun specifics on your order form. You are purchasing a custom made outfit and it is worth taking the time to make sure you provide the correct measurements, barrel lengths and gun models.

If you have any questions please contact us so that we can provide help to ensure a properly fitting outfit for you and your firearms. You will enjoy your Circle KB gunleather for many years and will be able to pass it along as an heirloom with honor and pride.

At a half size? Move up to the next whole number. Want to double check with us? We are here to help. Call 208-756-1873.