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DIY Holster Patterns-Kits-Books

For the Do-It-Your-Self leathercrafter. These educational books and pattern kits provide details and instructions for all sorts of leather crafting including how to carve leather, making holsters and gun belts, cuffs, spur leathers, cartridge belts, saddle bags, vests, moccasin boots and more.

Some are books that should be in every leather makers library, whether you are a seasoned professional or beginner.

Authored by leaders in leather crafting Al Stohlman and Will Ghormley. You will find beginner to advanced information, expert tips and tricks for building your own patterns in each leather craft kit.

DIY Holster Patterns-Kits-Books

image of Leathercrafter's Ultimate Workshop
    Price: $599.00
    image of Leathercrafter's Professional Tools Set
      Price: $379.99
      image of DIY Basic Leathercraft Set
        Price: $49.99
        image of Hand Stitching Deluxe Kit
          Price: $129.99
          image of Tech Tips
            Price: $19.99
            image of Leathercraft Tools by Al Stohlman
              Price: $19.99
              image of Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddle Making
                Price: $199.00
                image of F.O. Baird Leather Secrets
                  Price: $299.00
                  image of Leather Crafting Manual
                    Price: $9.99
                    image of How to Make Holsters by Al Stohlman
                      Price: $19.99
                      image of How to Carve Leather by Al Stohlman
                        Price: $19.99
                        image of Buscadero Belts & Holsters
                          Price: $14.99
                          image of Belts Galore by Al Stohlman
                            Price: $12.99
                            image of Holster and Gun Belt Pattern Pack
                              Price: $8.99
                              image of Leather Braiding
                                Price: $19.99
                                image of Hollywood West El Dorado Holster Pattern
                                  Price: $24.99
                                  image of Johnny Ringo Holster Pack
                                    Price: $24.99
                                    image of Hollywood West-Hand of God Rig
                                      Price: $24.99