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Replica Non-Firing Guns Are you a fan of the guns of the old west? Circle KB's Old West & Pre-Civil War Era and Civil War era replica weapons are are perfect for collectors, reenactors, stage and theater groups. Completely safe to handle and made by some of the finest replica manufacturers in the world. Reach back across the history of the wild west and own a part of the legend. Find a wide assortment of replica old west pistols and rifles in every category!

These fine reproduction models are the ultimate in authenticity, size, and the choice of today's Frontier Western Stage Cowboys, Professional Gun Handlers and Old West Gun Collectors.

Be sure to browse through each category to see the full line as we add new models as they become available.
image of M1851 Civil War Navy Revolver - Silver Engraved Non Firing Replica Gun
    image of Griswold and Gunnison Confederate Pistol Non-firing Replica
      image of Rifle Frame-Stained Pine
        image of Pistol Wood Frame-build your own!
          image of Blank Ammunition 380/9mm Blanks
            image of Jesse James Collector Pistol Set
              image of Framed George Washington Pistol
                image of Lee & Jackson Collector's Framed Set
                  image of Billy The Kid Pistol Frame
                    image of Plain Pistol Wood Frame
                      image of Stage Prop .45 Dummy Ammo Brass or Silver Bullets
                        image of Gettysburg Collector Set Replica M1860
                          image of Replica 1873 Colt Peacemaker Cavalry 7 Non Firing Replica Gun
                            image of Replica 1873 Peacemaker Cavalry 7 Nickel Finish Non Firing Replica Gun
                              image of Replica Model 1873 Peacemaker Non Firing
                                image of Replica 1873 Peacemaker with Star on Wood Grip
                                  image of Replica M1873 Peacemaker Pistol Nickel Non Firing
                                    image of Replica 1873 Peacemaker - Golden Engraved Non Firing Replica Gun