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The Marshal Gunfighter
The Marshal Gunfighter
The Roy A1 Hollywood Holsters
The Roy A1 Hollywood Holsters
The General Double - Authentic Mexican Loop Holsters
The General Double - Authentic Mexican Loop Holsters
A1 QuickDraw Double Rig Unlined
A1 QuickDraw Double Rig Unlined

Welcome to Circle KB's Holster Makers Junction

You own guns for different reasons, and you may own a lot of different guns. At Circle KB we want you to get the right holster for whatever gun model your shooting. If you hunt you might like a practical hunting holster in a crossdraw configuration that allows for easier kneeling or bending down in the brush.

Whether you are just getting started on your hunt for the perfect holster for your new single action revolver or making your final decisions about your cowboy action or mounted rig, or your hunting gun belt we hope "Holster Maker Junction" provides easy access for you to find the right custom holster maker for you and your guns and equipment.

Of course, if your hunt is for premium quality classic western style holsters and cartridge belts we hope you become our next satisfied customer. Maker Brett Park is available to answer any questions you may have.

Things to consider as you shop for your gun leather: (Not in an ordered list. You can make your own prioritized list.)

  • Quality of Materials
  • Quality of Craftsmenship
  • Cost
  • Delivery Time frame
  • Payment Options
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Customer Service/Support/Availability/Responsiveness
  • Functionality of Product
  • Durability of Product
  • Period Correctness/Is it important to you or not? We specialize in the late 1800's styles and early 1900 Hollywood Speghetti Western style holsters.We also make a full line of rifle and knife scabbards to compliment all of our gun leather.  You might find other makers who specialize in military style or duty holsters for work or personal use.
  • Personalization's/Add Ons
  • Form
  • Fit
  • Finish
  • Hand Stitched/Machine Stitched
  • Hand cut for each holsters gun model/*Machine cut (*mass stamped out  with cookie cutter style metal clickers)
  • Pre-dyed leather/Hand Dyed leather
  • Hand Laced Bullet Loops/Stitched Bullet Loops
  • Need a holster to match your existing gun rig?

Below is a list of different holster makers and manufacturers. Some specialize in different gun models for different purposes; ie Military, Duty, Recreational, Personal Protection. Some makers use synthetic materials and some use leather.

Circle KB Inc. is not affiliated with the following holster makers and is merely providing this information as a free service to folks looking for holsters. (Alpha ordered list. Links open new window)

Now...hit the trail :) We hope to see you back real soon.

  • 5 Shot Leather
  • A. E. Nelson Leather
  • Ace Case
  • Aker Leather
  • Alabama Holster Company
  • Alfonso"s of Hollywood
  • AMS Green Mountain
  • Andy Langlois
  • Azraels Custom Leather
  • B Bar 10
  • Bagmaster
  • Bandera Gunleather
  • Bear Creek Holsters
  • Bell Charter Oak
  • Bianchi International
  • Black Hills Leather
  • Blade-Tech
  • Brigade Gunleather
  • Brommeland Gunleather
  • Bulman Gunleather
  • C. Rusty Sherrick
  • Carrico"s Leatherworks
  • Circle KB Custom Leather Holsters and Cowboy Gear SHAMELESS PLUG
  • Circle M Saddlery
  • Classic Old West Styles
  • Cochise Leather
  • Concealed Handgun Holsters
  • Crossbreed Holsters
  • D.M. Bullard Leather
  • Del Fatti Leather
  • DeSantis Leather
  • Desbiens Gun Leather
  • Diamond D Custom Leather
  • Don Hume Leathergoods
  • Durango Leather
  • Ed Buffaloe Custom Holsters
  • El Paso Saddlery
  • Escort Gunleather
  • FIST
  • Fobus Holsters
  • Frontier Gunleather
  • Galco Gunleather
  • Garrity"s Gunleather
  • Gibson Gunleather
  • Gould and Goodrich
  • Graham"s Custom Gun Leather
  • Griffin Gun Leather
  • H.B.E. Leatherworks
  • Hedley Holsters
  • Hidden Holsters
  • High Noon Holsters
  • Hillsman Holster
  • Holsters Plus
  • Horseshoe Leather
  • International Handgun Leather
  • J.W. O"Rourke Leather
  • Jagwear Concealment
  • JBP Holsters
  • JMG Holsters
  • JSHolsters
  • K&D Holsters
  • Keeton Custom Leather
  • Kirkpatrick Leather
  • Kramer Gunleather
  • Leather and Stuff
  • Lightning Arms Sports
  • Lobo Gun Leather
  • Lone Star Holsters
  • M Shellhart Co
  • Meco Pocket Holsters
  • Mernickle Holsters
  • Mika"s Pocket Holsters
  • Milt Sparks Holsters
  • Mitch Rosen Gunleather
  • Monica Kuehn Leather
  • Nevada Gunleather
  • Nossar Gunleather
  • Old Tradingpost
  • Pyle Mountain
  • Rafters Gunleather
  • Ray"s Holsters
  • RKBA Holsters
  • Ross Leather
  • Rustedfables
  • Safariland
  • Saguaro Gun Leather
  • Side Guard Holsters
  • Simply Rugged Holsters
  • Smart Carry
  • Spaghetti Western
  • Tagua Gunleather
  • Tauris Holsters
  • Ted Blocker Holsters
  • Tennessee Holster Co
  • The Holster Site
  • The Holster Store
  • The Wild Irish Rose
  • Thunderwear
  • Triple K
  • TT Gunleather
  • Tucker Gunleather
  • Uncle Mike"s
  • Vaquero Gun Leather
  • Vintage Gunleather
  • Westbound Leather
  • Wild Bill"s Holsters
  • Windstorm Ranch
  • Woolfe Gunleather
  • Wild West Party Sale
    ~Hot Sellers~
    Sheriff Badge  - Western Silver
    Sheriff Badge - Western Silver

    Chief Brothel Inspector 69 Law Badge - Antiqued Brass
    Chief Brothel Inspector 69 Law Badge - Antiqued Brass

    Antiqued Sheriff Badge Fancy
    Antiqued Sheriff Badge Fancy

    Liberty 1911 Indian Head Coin Concho
    Liberty 1911 Indian Head Coin Concho

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