Circle KB A1 QuickDraw holsters are the traditional A1 Holsters and Buscadero Gunfighter style belts that gained popularity in the early Hollywood B Western movies. They are just as popular today over 75 years later.

The A1 Quickdraw Holster is our classic Hollywood style holster and one of our top sellers for Cowboy Action Shooters, Re-enactment, Western Decor, Stage and Movie Cowboys, Working Cowboys and Hunters.

A1 Quickdraw Messenger Holsters

A1 Quickdraw Messenger Holsters

Made in the USA The Cowboy Way by Circle KB
Message: Custom Hand Made to Order
Premium USA Gunleather by Brett Park

A1 Quickdraw Messenger Holsters


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Product Details

  • Shown Hand Tooled Full Basketweave. Border Tooling and Plain Finishes are optional
  • Contoured and border tooled face straps with 3 bullet loops
  • Gunbelt is hand laced with 20 loops
  • Nickel California Clipped Corner Single Bar Buckle
  • Hand cut contoured Buscadero gun belt drops the holster on the hip and outer thigh
  • Fully exposed trigger guard
  • Grip is positioned to be easily drawn for a Smooth, Quick, Draw
  • Holsters are expertly wet formed and dried to fit like a glove
  • Wet formed flared throats allowing for speedy re-holstering without a hitch
  • Metal reinforced cylinder area