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The Wild Bunch $5000 Reward

The Wild Bunch $5000 Reward

    Item WP-XL9
    Made in AMERICA
    Price: $10.99
    Extra large antiqued stained poster made to look old and authentic. Caption reads:

    Standing, left, William Carver (he smelled like a skunk!) Right, standing Harvey Logan (Kid Curry). Sitting, left to right, Harry Longbaugh, (The Sundance Kid), Ben Kilpatrick,(The Tall Texan), Robert Leroy Parker,(Butch Cassidy).

    Persons furnishing information only, which may lead to the arrest of one or all of the robbers will share in the reward. In addition to the above there are large outstanding rewards offered for the arrest of some of these men, individually, by banks, railroads and Express Companies robbed by them, and Governors of States, where individual members of this gang have committed murders and other crimes.

    These Rewards offered aggreagate upwards of $10,000.

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