What YOU Say

WE love hearing from you! Please take a moment to read some of the emails sent to us by customers. We always appreciate people taking the time to let us know how they feel when they get their Circle KB gunleather. It makes the work we do more satisfying than you can know. We now have the new review area for all customers to use too so we hope you take advantage of it for reviewing your product and letting others know what YOU say. Thank you!

Kris & Brett,

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my new holster rig. I have personally seen and worn other rigs in my years but none that were truly hand made the old fashioned way... And definitely none of this quality. This thing is HEAVY! I guess I was expecting thinner leather. I'm glad to see that you used very high quality hides. Your sewing work is excellent!

I used to do leatherwork in my younger years but didn't want to even try to try something of this magnitude! You pulled it off VERY well. The whole rig fits like a glove... Thanks to your guy's way of measuring. The belt buckle is in the exact center hole! The holster hangs as it should and looks GREAT! It holds my Colt 45 SAA perfectly and the draw is very comfortable and smooth! (And it looks good in there too.)

This is definitely a holster that can and will be passed down through the generations!

Thanks again for the excellent work! Rick 

Hello Kris, I received my new holster today. Awesome work! I can't wait to try it out. D.Givens

Hello Kristin
About time I write to tell you that the gunbelt is the most beautiful leather work I've seen Regards Flemming


Whoa Chris, you're the best thank you for the good service! Cheers, Jerry


UPS delivered my holster and belt the other evening. I must comment, that whoever the craftsmen is, that must be Brett, IS DEFINATELY A MASTER. The quality of the leather is absolutely the best and the quality of the work is magnificen! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. YOU ARE ALL THE BEST.

Just a note to let you know that I appreciated the time you spent with me on the phone. I looked at a lot of different web sites and am really looking forward to getting my rig and Great Western II's. Thanks for your help. Antonio F.


WOW. When I ordered my holster/gun belt I told Kris that this was my first holster and I was very nervous. When she said "you'll love it'" I thought she has a great deal of confidence in their products. After receiving my holster/gun belt I have to say THANK YOU. It's everything I was hopeing for and more. The workmanship and the attention to detail were exemplary. Not to forget the great customer support, you answered all my questions and keep me informed as to the work progress. Again thank you is not enough but THANK YOU again and know you've made a life long fan of your products. Mike

Kris & Brett, I had a bit of extra time and wanted to take a minute to thank-you for all you do.

Bare with me here. About two weeks before Christmas of 2006 I received this little note in my mail-box telling me I had a package to pick-up form the local post office. If you could only imagine the rush of adrenaline I felt. I would compare it only to what the young fella in the movie "A Christmas Story" felt that morning when he opened the box containing his "Red-Ryder BB Gun".  I immediately got back into my car, called the 411 to get the closing time for the local post office that was holding my fate. Fortunately, I arrived with minutes to spare..handed over my Willie Wonka "Golden Ticket" and said thanks!

When I got home, I opened the beautifully wrapped box and was in shock. I have never witnessed such craftsmanship in leather, and since have placed two more orders with these folks.I will tell you that Kris and Brett are the most professionally friendly folks you will come across that ACTUALLY CARE about the product that leaves their shop in Idaho. (They know what right-looks-like) I want others to know first-hand that you are SECOND-TO-NONE! All the best, Captain (BC) US Army


I said I would send a photo as soon as i had some well here they are hope you like them I wear them with a rather smug pride and why not they are and look great dont you agree they fit great feel great are great smell great best thing i ever did people keep trying to buy them no chance but i do carry your phone number and email address with me so they can get their own set made for them and tell them about your wb page i really spoil them with info and why not many many thanks once again . I wish you and your Family a very happy and prosperouse new year.

Reagards RT Phillips England

I am so excited to receive my holster and belt. It is a true work of art. Thank you so much for the time and quality you displayed in this masterpiece. If I'm ever in that neck of the woods, your store will be my first stop. Thanks again for such a beautiful rig. Yours truely, Jon P. Morris. P.S. As soon as my wife allows, I will order a black powder revolver, but I will depend on you to tell me which one is the most attractive and efficient. bye for now and happy trails.

Dear Kristin and Brett

at last i have the words Fits like a glove makes me feel like a king awesome the quality is second to no one I am proud to wear it proud to say who made it for me I hope it brings you more sales from here it is a work of art and only a true artist could produce such a wonderfull bit of kit it is perfection at its very best as an artist myself I look very hard at things made for me and I can find no fault but then I did not exspect to as I chose my maker very carefully from a hole host and I was not wrong in my choice of crafts man I knew you was the right man you cared enough to make sure we got what i wanted dead right and nothing was to small or to big to go over again and again the rig is just perfect a thousand thousand thank you;s you also had time to work past my card problem till I could sort it I should be doing things for you not the other way round many many thanks to you both I will wear it with pride and all ways think of you both.

Regards Richard T Phillips-England

Received it today. As usual excellent craftsmanship. We look at other folks and their leather and don't see the quality you provide.  Thank you so much.

Hi, Kris, I doubt you'll remember us, we placed an order with you back in July but have unfortunately have been off-line since just before my new rig arrived in September, so I haven't been able to confirm receipt until now!

Firstly, thank you so much for your prompt and extremely pleasant service, and it was a pleasure chatting on the phone to you...(gotchya thinking now, right?,. Both m1873 Bruni Colt b/f's, my m1894 Bruni Winchester b/f, plus everything else we ordered arrived exactly when you said they would, (albeit held up for a short time by Brit customs and a somewhat antiquated postal service, and I eagerly awaited my rig, which again arrived right when you told us it would!.

I have to say, Kris, that the quality of my rig, and the craftsmanship that went into it far surpassed your promise, please pass on my thanks to your gifted husband! Many of my friends have checked it out, as well as the members of my club, and I doubt whether 'awe' is too strong a word to describe their reactions; I've been happy to pass on your site address to them!

The fit is perfect and, by way of proof, here are a couple of pics... ...(I use this pic as my pc wallpaper)...(snip...)...I'll be in touch shortly with a request concerning a single cross-draw rig to take a m1860 Army revolver (8inch barrel), with a Bowie sheath in the right instead of a r/h holster!.

Thanks once again, Kris and Brett, P & S Hocking, (UK)

I got my gun belt today. Really beautiful. Just like the pictures. I am so HAPPY. Do you make a Mares Leg holster? I have a Win 32-20 Mares Leg that will look nice in this leather. Thank you so very much. RT