Gunleather FAQ's

Circle KB Gunleather Frequently Asked Questions
How do I measure for my gun belt size?
Maker Brett Park asks for a measurement taken around yourself below your pant belt loops at the high haunch area to finger tight in front. Your gun belt measurement can typically be 3-6 inches larger than your normal pant size but we prefer not to guess. If you are between sizes measure up.

Measure with a soft tape measure and provide us with the measurement at where you will buckle your belt. You will have several holes on each side of the belt billet for adjustment. There are 8 holes in the belt billet with a one inch spread. You will use the middle 3 holes depending on the season, weight gain loss, and clothing, winter gear etc. Have questions? We are here to help.

What is your delivery time frame?
For all Circle KB Inc. custom gun leather we generally run a solid 12-14 weeks year round from order date to shipment. All Circle KB Inc. gun rigs are hand made by Maker Brett Park and created in the order they are received. Some times of the year are busier than others so it pays to plan ahead. If your giving a gun leather gift we will happily provide you with a gift certificate.

Is there any way I can get my rig any faster?
Yes, we have a Go to the Top program that puts your order on Maker Brett Park's Bench instantly. We may not be able to accommodate your request at the time of your order due to a maximized schedule. Please inquire. Currently $200 (price subject to change without notice) and we don't promote this service but make it available for people who need their rigs faster than a speeding bullet. Brett still stays on schedule with all of his orders and does do not bump anyone else down in the schedule and therefore requires a premium. To check availability for the "Go to the Top" and put a top priority on your order please inquire.

What is the difference between a lined rig and an unlined rig?
As far as the user goes it is personal preference and what they want from their gunleather. Unlined rigs are traditional, simple and effective. They are less expensive as they require less leather and time creating. Unlined Circle KB rigs are hand cut from 10-11 oz premium cowhide and finished carefully.  Unlined outfits are popular in CAS, re-enactment, movies and stage shows. Our unlined rigs are cut from authentic 1800's patterns and are great for Cowboy Action Shooting, Theater Use, Room Decor and Practical Hunting Purposes.

The Premium fully lined outfits are definitely the top-of-the-line, fully lined with smooth vegetable tanned cowhide that is glued down and fully lock stitched on every seam with a 6 strand twisted and beeswax coated 100% polyester thread. Even if you cut a stitch with your knife the next stitch will never unravel. Also, we don't use suede on any holsters or gun belts (unless you request it)--it is an inferior quality of leather.

Fully lined outfits offer an outstanding finish and will last for generations. They have the quality you would expect and if you are proud of the guns your holstering-why not show it with high quality gunleather.

Lined systems have a handsome stitch line throughout and offer richer oil finishes and marbled tones enhancing the natural characteristics of premium cowhide. We hand dye our Black or Mahogany rigs with a Professional Oil Base Dye. We do not use any pre-dyed leather from a supplier as normally hides are dyed at the tannery because they are sub-par and lower quality hides. We use all double shoulder Premium Grade A vegetable tanned leather. We are also able to provide special metal lining reinforcement in the cylinder area on our A1 QuickDraw holsters that is not available in the unlined A1.

If you are shooting in Cowboy Action, you already know "shooting on" and "looking good" are part of the game and having a high quality rig to go with your fast draw and six shooters is important to you. We understand.  Shooters around the world wear Circle KB outfits,  Lined and Unlined. Just starting out? You can 't go wrong with any of our systems.

Can you make a knife scabbard to go with my holster?
Yes. Send your knife to us and we will build a scabbard to match. We must have your knife in order to build a properly fitting knife scabbard. Please insure it.

What is your payment policy?
Payment in full is required at the time you place your gunleather order. If you need more flexible payment arrangements please call us before you place your order and we will set up a flexible payment plan for you. We also take personal checks and you may pay as you go. Payment in full is required when your gunleather hits the Makers bench which can be 7-10 weeks from the date of your order.

Can I get an A1 QuickDraw Holster on the Oldtimer Cowboy Belt instead of the Buscadero Gun Belt?
Yes. You have all sorts of options. You can also lace your belt with rifle/shotgun/pistol rounds. Belts come with 20 standard loops and each extra loop is $2. We can make it exactly the way you desire.

Can you make a crossdraw holster for a belt I all ready own?
We can certainly make the CrossDraw holster to go with your existing rig. You can order single holsters no problem.

Can I add loops to my belt for different sized bullets or shot gun shells?
Sure! Most of our belts come with 20 loops. You can add loops for $2/loop. Just let us know what caliber and where you would like the loops to be on your gun belt.

I have an outfit that was made by someone else and the holster broke down but I like the belt. Can you make a holster for a gun belt I already own?
Yes, send us your gun belt and tell us which holster design you like and we can create one to match your belt as close as possible. We need the belt to measure width and match tooling, color and tone as closely as possible. We will also need your gun specs.

Is there any special oil or saddle soap that I need to put on the belt and holsters? The outfit is outstanding. Thank you for the great job.
Thanks for your note. Until you put some good time on it and need a touch up there should be nothing you need to do. It is finished with a top coat conditioner and (top coat) protectorate that should last a good while (unless you get thrown and drug behind your horse through the rocks, sagebrush and river). If you like to "do it yourself" we recommend 100% Neatsfoot Oil (not the compound). A little dab will do. Let us know if you need anything else. Have fun breaking it will only get better with use.

What exactly is the difference between "double strong arm", "right hand with crossdraw", "left hand with crossdraw", and "dualist" in regards to holsters?
I'm panicked all of the sudden thinking I've ordered the wrong kind of holster!! Also, if in fact it is the wrong kind, would I be able to make modifications to make it correct, or is it too late to switch/cancel my order? Thank you for all of your help, you have made this ordering process so easy!
Answer: A dualist is the same as a double strong arm---two strong arm holsters one on each side of the body that a person would draw with his/her right hand on the right side and left hand on the left side. A RH with crossdraw is also two holsters but the RH is the strong arm and the crossdraw is made with a cant (slanted so the grip is easy to reach) so that a person reaches across their belly and grabs the grip with their strong arm (right hand). The reverse is true for the Left hand cross-they reach across their belly towards their right side with their left hand. Call us if a conversation would be better so that you understand. Thanks! Also, its not too late to modify your order. No problem.

(Re:size for gunbelt)
Hi Tammis, What measurement did you get when you took a tape measurement around yourself at the high hip or where you want your gunleather to ride? (over typical shooting attire). If you are in between- size up. There are 8 holes in the billet with a 1" spread. We build the belt to buckle at the middle front at the measurement you provide so you have adjustment both ways.

Will you take payments for my gunleather?
Can I make payments instead of paying for it all at once?
Yes, we can set up flexible payment arrangements if you call us to place your order. (if you place an order online your credit card is automatically charged). Give us a call and we will set up a payment plan for your order.

would you also include in my order 6 cans of proper oil to take care of my holsters .... thanks.
We use 100% Neatsfoot oil which you can also apply to scratches and such but you shouldn't need to for a long, long, long time. Available in small quantities at your local hardware store. (Do not use the COMPOUND) Needs to be PURE Neatsfoot Oil.

If I have a picture of a holster I like can I send it to you and have you make one like it?Yes. We hand cut all of our own patterns and create new ones all of the time. Many folks will look at the book Packing Iron and will call with their ideas and style preferences. Its a great book if you haven't seen it.

I need a holster for a shoot in less than 2 weeks. Is there anyway I can get my rig in time if I order it today?
Yes, we have a program called "Go to the Top" that allows you to move to the top of Maker Brett Park's schedule. It currently $200 and we stop everything else and start on your rig. We still keep on time with all of our other orders. (Read more above)

I like my new holsters and gunbelt and want to keep it in good condition. What do I need to do?
We condition all of our rigs in the finish gallery prior to shipping it to you and all you need to do is wipe off any dust or dirt with a dry soft cloth. You shouldn't have to re-condition the leather for quite some time and we offer a free re-conditioning service to our customers. Give us a call and send it our way and we will give it a "spiff-up" FREE. We just ask that you pay for return shipping.

I have lost weight and my gun belt is too big now by a couple inches. Can you fix it?
Yes, please ship it to us with the measurement that you need to buckle at the center hole and we will retro fit your gun belt at no charge. We just ask that you send cookies :) and pay for return shipping.